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Table 3 Participants’ responses to the assessment questions related to the SMiLe characteristics

From: Actor’s social complexity: a proposal for managing the iStar model

Questions Completely disagreed Disagreed Agreed Completely agreed
i) The understanding of independence in the actor’s description is beneficial 04 pairs (Pa01, Pa02, Pa04, Pa05) 03 pairs (Pa03, Pa06, Pa07)
ii) SMiLe offers modularity in the actor’s description 02 pairs (Pa02, Pa05) 05 pairs (Pa01, Pa03, Pa04, Pa06, Pa07)
iii) It provides a description pattern 01 pair (Pa07) 03 pairs (Pa01, Pa03, Pa05) 03 pairs (Pa02, Pa04, Pa06)
iv) It provides a reading pattern 02 pairs (Pa02, Pa05) 05 pairs (Pa01, Pa03, Pa05, Pa06, Pa07)
v) The fact that building blocks allow to managing information from the iStar (monolithic) model 05 pairs (Pa01, Pa02, Pa05, Pa06, Pa07) 02 pairs (Pa03 and Pa04)
vi) The fact that building blocks allow parallel work to be done 02 pairs (Pa04, Pa05) 02 pairs (Pa01, Pa02) 03 pairs (Pa03, Pa06, Pa07)
vii) The characteristic of making it easier to change from future uncertainties to the organization 01 pair (Pa01) 02 pairs (Pa02 e Pa05) 04 pairs (Pa03, Pa04, Pa06, Pa07)