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Table 9 Measures, processes and goals – Category: TIME

From: Investigating measures for applying statistical process control in software organizations

Measures Publications Processes Goals
aDefect age (defect resolution date – defect creation date + 1) P07,P17 Fixing G10.1
aDuration estimation accuracy (actual duration / estimated duration) P08,P14,P15,P23,P30,P44 Project Management G09.1;G09.5; G10.3;G15
aSchedule performance index (budget cost for performed work / budget cost for scheduled work) P20,P29 Project Management G09.3
bCode size estimation accuracy (actual code size/estimated code size) P15 Project Management G15
bFile estimation accuracy (actual number of files/estimated number of files) P15 Project Management G15
aActual procurement time (start date for joining a new member to a project - start date of recruitment process + 1) P07,P17 Recruitment G10.4
aProcurement time variance (actual procurement time - planned procurement time) P07,P17 Recruitment G10.4
aReview duration (review closure date – review opening date) P07,P17,P25 Review G06;G10.2
aReview duration per defect (sum of reviews’ duration / number of detected defect) P07,P17,P25 Review G06;G10.2
aTime spent on review preparation per reviewer (sum of time spent on review preparation by each reviewer/ number of reviewers) P34 Review G02