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Table 4 Goals and sub-goals

From: Investigating measures for applying statistical process control in software organizations

G01 Assess and monitor the maintenance process (P22, P27)
G02 Control variation in coding and code review processes (P34)
G03 Estimate and control defects, effort and schedule of testing process (P19)
G04 Evaluate process quality effectiveness (P35, P50) G04.1 Evaluate defect-detection effectiveness (P41)
G04.2 Evaluate inspection effectiveness (P03, P28)
G04.3 Evaluate peer review effectiveness (P21, P24, P44)
G04.4 Manage effectiveness of defect removal activities (P16)
G05 Improve product quality (P05, P10, P12, P16, P20, P23, P24 P35, P39, P44, P50) G05.1 Improve defect detection to reduce the number of delivered defects (P18, P38, P43)
G05.2 Improve software process effectiveness (P03, P10, P32)
G05.3 Improve software reliability (P01)
G05.4 Increase customer satisfaction (by managing defects) (P04)
G05.5 Manage defect injection distribution in different kinds of activities (P16)
G05.6 Reduce defects in the products (P13, P32, P36)
G05.7 Reduce injected defect (P06, P43)
G05.8 Reduce requirements volatility (P23)
G05.9 Understand and predict product quality (P40)
G05.10 Verify quality goals achievement (P26)
G06 Improve review process (P25, P43) G06.1 Understand and predict inspection process (P40)
G07 Manage system-testing activity (P16)
G08 Monitor process efficiency (P31) G08.1 Evaluate coding efficiency (P49)
G08.2 Evaluate defect-fixing efficiency (P16)
G08.3 Evaluate design efficiency (P49)
G08.4 Evaluate testing efficiency (P16, P24, P49, P50)
G09 Reduce operational costs (P04) G09.1 Improve productivity (P04, P16, P39, P44)
G09.2 Minimize rework (P11)
G09.3 Monitor project cost and schedule (P20, P29)
G09.4 Reduce cost due to poor quality performance (P26)
G09.5 Improve estimation and planning (P44)
G10 Understand software processes performance (P07, P20) G10.1 Understand fixing process performance (P07, P17)
G10.2 Understand review process performance (P07, P17)
G10.3 Understand project management process performance (P07, P08, P17)
G10.4 Understand recruitment process performance (P07, P20)
G10.5 Understand test process performance (P07)
G11 Understand the effect of reviews as verification activities in test (P09)
G12 Understand the effect of test design in test development (P07, P09,P17)
G13 Understand the relationship between productivity and quality assurance activities during test development (P07, P09,P17)
G14 Verify changes in test process (P26)
G15 Win the market competition (P15) G05 Improve product quality (P05, P10, P12, P16, P20, P23, P24 P35, P39, P44, P50)
G09 Reduce operational costs (P04)