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Table 11 Measures, processes and goals – Category: EFFORT

From: Investigating measures for applying statistical process control in software organizations

Measures Publications Processes Goals
aFixing effort percentage (effort spent on defect fixing activities/ project total effort * 100%) P16 Fixing G07
aDefect resolution effort ratio (effort spent on defect resolution/ number of solved defects) P07 Fixing G10.1
aInspection preparation rate (size of the product to be inspected/time spent to prepare the inspection) P18,P21,P26,P37,P40 Review G05.1;G04.3; G06.1
aEffort estimation accuracy (actual effort / estimated effort) P07,P15,P44 Project Management G09.1;G09.5; G10.3;G15
aTask effort estimation accuracy (actual task effort / estimated task effort) P17 Project Management G10.3
aTask effort variance (estimated task effort - actual - task effort) P17 Project Management G10.3
aPercentage of effort saved due to process automation (effort saved due to process automation/project effort *100) P44 Project Management, Audit, Testing G09.1
aReview effort per defect (effort spent on the review / number of defects detected in the review) P09 Review
aTotal review effort (peer review effort + review effort) P09 Review G11
aPercentage of effort spent on system tests (effort spent at system tests activities/ total effort of project * 100%) P16 Testing G07
aRatio of test design review effort (test design review effort / test design effort) P07,P09,P17 Testing G12
aRatio of test development review effort (test development review effort/test development effort) P09 Testing G12
aRatio of test procedure preparation review effort (effort spent on review of test procedure preparation /effort spent on test procedure preparation) P09 Testing
aSystem test effort estimation accuracy (system test actual effort/ system test estimated effort) P07 Testing G10.5
aTest script review effort (effort spent reviewing test scrips / effort spent developing the reviewed test scripts) P07,P17 Testing G13