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Table 5 Hot-topics in “Unanswered” questions

From: Supporting governance of mobile application developers from mining and analyzing technical questions in stack overflow

Android Deployment Issues Code, using, file, problem, android, device, error, one, help, image
Hidden Menu Android, java, rtn, sensor, 11, 12, 22, 05, com, float
iOS Facebook Login Error Facebook, user, using, safari, device, login, notification, keyboard, code, server
Video View, code, using, file, error, problem, set, controller, works, video
WP Analytics Integration List, item, column, listpicker, pull, textblock, database, name, localytics, radius
Libraries Issues System, dll, exception, Microsoft, windows, speech, error, threading, mscorlib, task
Design Tool Expression, remoting, designhost, isolation, tribe,vimeo, score, silverlightplatform, Microsoft, canceltoken