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Table 4 Hot-topics in “What” questions

From: Supporting governance of mobile application developers from mining and analyzing technical questions in stack overflow

Android Interoperability Fragment, activity, android, whatsapp, image, data, user, device, method, time
Database Java, strictmode, activitythread, method, support, sqlitedatabase, methods, msg, database, looper
Persistence Code, release, boot, toolbar, kernel, clock, loginactivity, invisible, preference, loader, sprites
iOS Debugging Code, view, file, one, xcode, user, new, method, error, image, time
Audio Conversion Bin, armv7, kaudioformatmpeg4aac, detailsviewcontroller, armv7s, frequency, distributions, watchkitextension, frontviewcontroller,rotation
WP Silverlight Know, need, help, going, Silverlight, sdk, one, development, wp7, method
UI Behavior Page, background, bar, time, using,back, first, theme, wp8, information
Azure Services Uri, data, user, notification, service, azure, well, build, code, push