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Table 3 Hot-topics in “How” questions

From: Supporting governance of mobile application developers from mining and analyzing technical questions in stack overflow

Android Game Game, country, multiplayer, uri, basic, slashes, escaping, alarm, layered, appdata
Deployment Sdk, device, studio, manager, build, nexus, adb, screen, windows, format
Authentication Facebook, email, token, login, algorithm, callback, requirement, user, integrated, quickstart
UI Code, show, button, activity, xml, image, file, layout, screen, new
iOS UI Show, button, xcode, image, user, controller, need, bar, screen, iphone
Permissions Peer, bitcode, sd, dns, identifier, cart, performance, captivenetwork, wifi, unlock
Design Pattern Class, type, object, protocol, testers, net, utils, variable, declared, predicate
Type Conversion String, array, picker, slider, datepicker, method, convert, nsstring, facebook, nsmutablearray
WP Notifications Text, push, file, notification, package, memory, uri, notifications, font, device
Sensor Debug Null, debug, string, key, getslotfrombufferlocked, surfacetextureclient, gyroscope, uncalibrated, value, drift
Database Java, strictmode, activitythread, method, support, sqlitedatabase, methods, msg, database, looper