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Table 15 Key Insight and Strategies

From: Supporting governance of mobile application developers from mining and analyzing technical questions in stack overflow

Key Insight and Strategies
The most visualized topics as well as the topics in which developers are most committed to respond in Stack Overflow can indicate a community of experts who can help to reduce frequent barriers to participation in an ecosystem.
GD01: [CD] Meeting the developers’ needs to maintain absorptive capacity and avoid discouraging them [S48];
GD02: [CD] Modeling participants, their connections and flows describing the type of product that flows down these connections [S08];
GD03: [OOC] Providing a platform for organizations and individuals to create and provide training [S14];
GD04: [VC] Supporting developers in reusing functionality from others since they could never have built apps independently [S10].
The information about developer reputation can help to manage strategies related to technical resource exploration, active developers in the community, and community control by fostering relationships with top developers in the ecosystem.
GD05: [CD] Analyzing the lifecycle of developer engagement from business and partner management [S52];
GD06: [VC] Developing a system in which the talented developers are chosen and moved ahead based on the basis of their achievement [S45].
Questions posted in Stack Overflow next to official developers’ events announcement periods can help an organization to manage strategies to add new ecosystem resources (e.g. platforms, SDKs, APIs, programming languages). When such new technologies are released to the market, a manager should be able to manage them easily.
GD07: [OOC] Offering developers’ conferences to allow them to discuss directions of the underlying technological platform [S51];
GD08: [OOC] Allowing free import/export of ideas and knowledge concerning products, processes, and business models [S34].
The most commonly used tags in recently added questions posted in Stack Overflow may indicate the most frequent barriers faced by developers willing to participate in an ecosystem. This scenario can serve as a strategy to support in recruiting and educating developers
GD09: [CD] Analyzing barriers for participation of developers and potential remedies to them [S01];
GD10: [OOC] Establishing a platform for publication and propagation of error reports, performance measures etc. [S26]