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Table 14 Key insights’ relevance level

From: Supporting governance of mobile application developers from mining and analyzing technical questions in stack overflow

Ranking Key Insight Relevance Level
1 The most visualized topics as well as the topics in which developers are most committed to respond can indicate a community of experts who can help to reduce frequent barriers to participation in MSECO. 4 (±0.8)
2 Badges can help a keystone to manage strategies related to technical resource exploration, active developer in the community, and community control by fostering relationships with top developers in the ecosystem. 3.8 (±1.1)
3 Questions posted in Stack Overflow next to official MSECO announcement periods can help a keystone to manage strategies to add new MSECO resources (e.g. platforms, SDKs, APIs, programming languages). When such new technologies are released to the market, a keystone should be able to manage them easily. 3.7 (±1.2)
4 The most commonly used tags in recently added questions may indicate the most frequent barriers faced by developers willing to participate in an MSECO. This scenario can serve as a monitoring strategy to support a keystone in recruiting and educating developers. 3.2 (±1.5)