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Table 3 Artefacts in software development-oriented processes

From: Working software over comprehensive documentation – Rationales of agile teams for artefacts usage

Pre-development Development Post-development
Business case Acceptance criteria Deployment script
Business plan Architecture standard Implementation guide
Contact Bug report Release
Contract Burndown chart Release checklist
Legislation/Regulation Coding standard Release log
ISO standards Definition of done Release note
Market analysis Definition of ready User manual
Market requirement Epic  
Product portfolio Functional design
Product requirement Impact analysis
Quotation Mock-up
Release plan Product backlog
Requirement Retrospective report
Request for information Source code
Risk assessment Sprint backlog
Roadmap Status board
Vision/Strategy Task
  Technical design
Technical documentation
Technical requirement
Technical roadmap
Template functional description
Test case
Test criteria
Test plan
Test report
Unit test report
Use case
User acceptance test
User story