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Table 1 Characteristics of teams/organizations

From: Working software over comprehensive documentation – Rationales of agile teams for artefacts usage

Id Domain Size Country Interviewee(s)
Organization Team
A Software Large Medium NL Product owner
B CRM Small Small NL Scrum master (lead develop architect)
C CRM Small Small / Outsourced NL / TR Product owner
D Industry Large Large NL Scrum master
E Software Small Large NL Product owner (CTO)
F HRM Medium Small NL Product owner (lead developer)
Product owner
G E-learning Small Small UK Product owner
H Hospitality Small Small / Outsourced NL / MK Scrum master (project manager)
I Finance Large Medium NL Scrum master (tester)
J Health care Medium Small NL Lead software developer
Senior functional developer
K ERP Medium Small NL Developer
Product owner
Chief executive officer
L Purchase Medium Small / Outsourced NL / BG Product owner
Chief technical officer
M Insurance Large Small NL Development director
N HRM Small Medium NL Scrum master (lead developer)
O Finance Large Small CN Product owner
P Finance Medium Medium NL Scrum master (agile coach)
Q Health care Large Medium NL Scrum master (business line manager)
R Finance Large Medium NL Scrum master
S Finance Small Small / Outsourced NL / SP Senior technical lead developer