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Table 8 List Of Automated Refactoring Tools With Brief Descriptions

From: A survey of search-based refactoring for software maintenance

Refactoring Tool [Ref] Year Purpose
A-CMA (Koc et al., 2012) 2012 Refactors Java bytecode using a selection of refactorings and metrics.
CODe-Imp (Moghadam & Cinnéide, 2011) 2011 Automated refactoring tool containing numerous metrics and refactorings.
Dearthóir (O’Keeffe & Cinnéide, 2003) 2003 Improves the design of an object-oriented program.
DPT (Cinnéide & Nixon, 1999a) 1999 Applies design pattern transformations to Java programs.
Evolution Doctor (Di Penta, 2005) 2005 Diagnoses reorganization opportunities and performs reengineering actions.
FermaT (Fatiregun et al., 2004) 2004 Transformation tool for migration of legacy systems from assembly code to higher level languages.
TrueRefactor (Griffith et al., 2011) 2011 Identifies and removes five different design smells in Java.