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Table 6 Studies Proposing and Using Tools to Detect Issues in the Code

From: A survey of search-based refactoring for software maintenance

Authors [Ref] Year Title
Fatiregun et al. (2004) 2004 Evolving Transformation Sequences Using Genetic Algorithms
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2004) 2004 Towards Automated Design Improvement Through Combinatorial Optimisation
Di Penta (2005) 2005 Evolution Doctor: A Framework To Control Software System Evolution
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2006) 2006 Search-Based Software Maintenance
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2007a) 2007 Getting The Most From Search-Based Refactoring
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2008b) 2007 Search-Based Refactoring: An Empirical Study
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2007b) 2007 Automated Design Improvement By Example
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2008a) 2008 Search-Based Refactoring For Software Maintenance
Griffith et al. (2011) 2011 TrueRefactor: An Automated Refactoring Tool To Improve Legacy System And Application Comprehensibility
Ghaith and Ó Cinnéide (2012) 2012 Improving Software Security Using Search-Based Refactoring
Koc et al. (2012) 2012 An Empirical Study About Search-Based Refactoring Using Alternative Multiple And Population-Based Search Techniques
Moghadam and Ó Cinnéide (2012) 2012 Automated Refactoring Using Design Differencing
Ó Cinnéide et al. (2012) 2012 Experimental Assessment Of Software Metrics Using Automated Refactoring
Veerappa and Harrison (2013) 2013 An Empirical Validation Of Coupling Metrics Using Automated Refactoring
Mohan et al. (2016) 2016 Technical Debt Reduction Using Search Based Automated Refactoring
Ó Cinnéide et al. (2016) 2016 An Experimental Search-Based Approach To Cohesion Metric Evaluation