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Table 10 Papers On Search-Based Refactoring

From: A survey of search-based refactoring for software maintenance

Authors [Ref] Year Title Search Technique
Amal et al. (2014) 2014 On The Use Of Machine Learning And Search-Based Software Engineering For Ill-Defined Fitness Function: A Case Study On Software Refactoring GA
Bakar et al. (2012a) 2012 Applying Evolution Programming Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) In Selecting The Best Open Source Software Maintainability Metrics EA
Di Penta (2005) 2005 Evolution Doctor: A Framework To Control Software System Evolution GA
Fatiregun et al. (2004) 2004 Evolving Transformation Sequences Using Genetic Algorithms HC/GA
Ghaith and Ó Cinnéide (2012) 2012 Improving Software Security Using Search-Based Refactoring HC/SA
Griffith et al. (2011) 2011 TrueRefactor: An Automated Refactoring Tool To Improve Legacy System And Application Comprehensibility GA
Harman (2011) 2011 Refactoring As Testability Transformation  
Harman and Tratt (2007) 2007 Pareto Optimal Search Based Refactoring At The Design Level HC
Harman et al. (2012) 2012 Dynamic Adaptive Search Based Software Engineering  
Harman et al. (2013) 2013 Dynamic Adaptive Search Based Software Engineering Needs Fast Approximate Metrics  
Kessentini et al. (2011) 2011 Design Defects Detection And Correction By Example GA/GP
Kessentini et al. (2011) 2011 Example-Based Design Defects Detection And Correction GA/GP
Kessentini et al. (2012) 2012 What You Like In Design Use To Correct Bad-Smells GA
Koc et al. (2012) 2012 An Empirical Study About Search-Based Refactoring Using Alternative Multiple And Population-Based Search Techniques HC/SA/ABC
Mkaouer et al., 2015 2014 Many-Objective Software Remodularization Using NSGA-III GA
Mkaouer et al., 2014 2014 High Dimensional Search-Based Software Engineering: Finding Tradeoffs Among 15 Objectives For Automating Software Refactoring Using NSGAIII GA
Mkaouer et al., (2014) 2014 Software Refactoring Under Uncertainty: A Robust Multi-Objective Approach GA/PSO
Mkaouer et al., (2015) 2015 On The Use Of Many Quality Attributes For Software Refactoring: A Many Objective Search-Based Software Engineering Approach GA
Mkaouer et al. (2016) 2016 A Robust Multi-Objective Approach To Balance Severity And Importance Of Refactoring Opportunities GA/PSO
Moghadam and Ó Cinnéide (2011) 2011 Code-Imp: A Tool For Automated Search-Based Refactoring  
Moghadam and Ó Cinnéide (2012) 2012 Automated Refactoring Using Design Differencing  
Mohan et al. (2016) 2016 Technical Debt Reduction Using Search Based Automated Refactoring HC/SA
Morales (2015) 2015 Towards A Framework For Automatic Correction Of Anti-Patterns  
Morales et al. (2016) 2016 Finding The Best Compromise Between Design Quality And Testing Effort During Refactoring GA
Morales et al. (2016) 2016 On The Use Of Developers’ Context For Automatic Refactoring Of Software Anti-Patterns SA/GA/VNS
Ó Cinnéide and Nixon (1999a) 1999 Automated Application Of Design Patterns To Legacy Code  
Ó Cinnéide and Nixon (1999b) 1999 A Methodology For The Automated Introduction Of Design Patterns  
Ó Cinnéide et al. (2011) 2011 Automated Refactoring For Testability HC
Ó Cinnéide et al. (2012) 2012 Experimental Assessment Of Software Metrics Using Automated Refactoring HC
Ó Cinnéide et al. (2016) 2016 An Experimental Search-Based Approach To Cohesion Metric Evaluation HC
Cinnéide 2000 2000 Automated Refactoring To Introduce Design Patterns  
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2003) 2003 A Stochastic Approach To Automated Design Improvement SA
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2004) 2004 Towards Automated Design Improvement Through Combinatorial Optimisation SA
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2006) 2006 Search-Based Software Maintenance HC/SA
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2008b) 2007 Search-Based Refactoring: An Empirical Study HC/SA/GA
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2007a) 2007 Getting The Most From Search-Based Refactoring HC/SA/GA
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2007b) 2007 Automated Design Improvement By Example HC
O’Keeffe and Ó Cinnéide (2008a) 2008 Search-Based Refactoring For Software Maintenance HC/SA
Ouni et al. (2012) 2012 Search-Based Refactoring: Towards Semantics Preservation GA
Ouni et al. (2013) 2013 Maintainability Defects Detection And Correction: A Multi-Objective Approach GA/GP
Ouni et al. (2013) 2013 The Use Of Development History In Software Refactoring Using A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm GA
Ouni et al. (2013) 2013 Search-Based Refactoring Using Recorded Code Changes GA
Ouni et al. (2015) 2015 Improving Multi-Objective Code-Smells Correction Using Development History GA
Ouni et al. (2015) 2015 Prioritizing Code-Smells Correction Tasks Using Chemical Reaction Optimization CRO/GA/SA/ PSO
Pérez et al. (2013) 2013 A Proposal For Fixing Design Smells Using Software Refactoring History  
Seng et al. (2006) 2006 Search-Based Determination Of Refactorings For Improving The Class Structure Of Object-Oriented Systems EA
Simons et al. (2015) 2015 Search-Based Refactoring: Metrics Are Not Enough  
Veerappa and Harrison (2013) 2013 An Empirical Validation Of Coupling Metrics Using Automated Refactoring HC
Vivanco and Pizzi (2004) 2004 Finding Effective Software Metrics To Classify Maintainability Using A Parallel Genetic Algorithm GA
Wang et al. (2015) 2015 On The Use Of Time Series And Search Based Software Engineering For Refactoring Recommendation GA