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Table 1 MOEAs That Use Pareto Dominance

From: A survey of search-based refactoring for software maintenance

MOEA Full Name Developers
DMOEA Dynamic Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm Yen and Lu (2003)
M-PAES Memetic-Pareto Archive Evolutionary Stategy Knowles and Corne (2000)
NGPA Niched Pareto Genetic Algorithm Horn et al. (1994)
NSGA-II Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II Deb et al. (2002)
PAES Pareto Archive Evolutionary Strategy Knowles and Corne (2000)
PDE Pareto-frontier Differential Evolution Abbass et al. (2001)
PESA Pareto Envelope-based Selection Algorithm Corne et al. (2000)
SPEA Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm Zitzler and Thiele (1999)
SPEA2 Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm 2 Zitzler et al. (2001)