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Table 13 Dataset variables

From: A genetic algorithm based framework for software effort prediction

Variable Type Description
Unadjusted Function Points Numeric The unadjusted function point count (before any adjustment).
Input count Numeric FPA External Input.
Output count Numeric FPA External Output.
Enquiry count Numeric FPA External Enquiry.
File count Numeric FPA Internal Logical Files.
Interface count Numeric FPA External Interface.
Relative Size Nominal XXS, XS, S, M1, M2, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.
Year Nominal Year of Project, derived from implementation date.
Development Type Nominal New development, enhancement or redevelopment.
Language Type Nominal 3GL, 4GL, Application Generator, etc.
Program Language Nominal Primary technology programming language used.
Development Platform Nominal PC, Mid Range, Main Frame or Multi platform.
Architecture Nominal Stand alone, Multi-tier, Client server, or Multi-tier.
Client Server? Nominal Yes, No or Don’t Know.
Web Development Nominal Yes, No or Don’t Know.
Development method Nominal Development method.
Manual Count Nominal Yes, No.
FP Standard Nominal Function Size Metric Used.
Team Size Group Numeric Development Team size.
Max Team Size Nominal The maximum number of people that worked.
Average Team Size Nominal The average number of people that worked on the project.
Work Effort in man-hours Numeric The development team full life-cycle work effort in hours.