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Table 8 Post-Test questions for usefulness

From: ArchReco: a software tool to assist software design based on context aware recommendations of design patterns

Question Mean St. Deviation Mode
Q1. Using the tool in Designing Software models would enable me to accomplish tasks more quickly 3.464 1.036 3
Q2. Using the tool would improve my understanding in using Design Patterns in a high level software design model 3.643 0.911 4
Q3. Using the tool in Designing Software models would increase my productivity 3.643 0.869 4
Q4. Using the tool to identify the most suitable Design Patterns would enhance my effectiveness on the job 2 1.714 0.713  
Q5. Using the tool would make easier the process of Software Design 3.643 0.989 4
Q6. I would find the tool useful in Designing Software diagrams 3.929 0.940 4
Q7. The outcome of the tool would be beneficiary for the software developers who will implement the diagram into an actual application 3.786 0.7868 4