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Table 2 Software design phases contextual elements

From: ArchReco: a software tool to assist software design based on context aware recommendations of design patterns

Phase Users Types of ideas expected Resource material Tools
Requirements specification Individual or Group Text based ideas. New ideas or modified ideas entered by other team members. Resources entered by group members. Requirements from similar projects. Links, Videos, Images Resource repository, Chat, Recommendations of users, Recommendations of related projects, Recommendations of related requirements. Recommendation of actions.
Design Individual or Group Schematic design with comments e.g. UML diagrams Images, Tutorials, White papers, Design Patterns Recommendations of resources, recommendation of experts, Drawing tool, UML editor, canvas designer etc.
Coding Individual or Group Classes and methods of implementation, coding Design Patterns High Level Design, Low Level Design, Web Programming language IDEs.
Testing Individual or Group Testing methodologies, testing scenarios, unit-tests Revision of requirements  
Maintenance Individual or Group Maintenance actions