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Table 11 Post-test questions for design patterns training & educational character of the recommender system

From: ArchReco: a software tool to assist software design based on context aware recommendations of design patterns

Question Mean St. Deviation Mode
Q14. AerchReco offers Stimulating possibilities to explore new Design Patterns 3.536 0.792 4
Q15. ArchReco helps in choosing useful Design patterns to apply in a Software Design diagram 3.750 0.799 4
Q16. I feel that I learned to work creatively using the ArchReco tool 3.571 0.836 4
Q17. I found ArchReco tool helpful to support us go over and over new Design Patterns until I found a suitable one to apply in my model 3.750 0.881 4
Q18. I found the recommendation of Design Patterns useful 3.750 0.881 4
Q19. The information provided for each pattern was sufficient 3.643 0.678 4
Q20. Recommendations for Design Patterns helped me learn new patterns 3.286 0.976 4
Q21. Some of the Design Patterns are familiar to me 3.321 0.863 3
Q22. The items recommended to me are novel and interesting 3.357 0.731 4
Q23. The recommender system is educational 4.071 0.899 5
Q24. The recommendation System provides an adequate way for me to express my preferences 3.429 0.836 4
Q25. I became familiar with the recommendation system very quickly 3.536 0.999 4