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Table 10 Post-test questions for functionality

From: ArchReco: a software tool to assist software design based on context aware recommendations of design patterns

Question Mean St. Deviation Mode
Q8. Archreco can effectively support the creation of High Level Software design model 3.750 0.645 4
Q9. ArchReco can effectively support the representation and management of Software Design components 3.643 0.869 4
Q10. The context-sensitive support (i.e. recommendations) is crucial to the ArchReco process 3.571 0.742 4
Q11. Using ArchReco tool supports me in being more creative during the design process 3.536 0.838 4
Q12. ArchReco tool enhances the outcome of the High Level diagram design 3.679 0.904 4
Q13. I describe my experience with ArchReco tool in general as positive 3.679 0.904 4