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Table 1 Abbreviated survey questions and possible answers

From: On multi-language software development, cross-language links and accompanying tools: a survey of professional software developers

No. Question Answer format Options/suggestions
Section 1: Multi-Language Software Development (MLSD)
1 Which GPLs were used in your last project? Multiple choice C; C++; C#; Java;...; other (free text)
2 Which DSL types were used in your last project? Multiple choice UI languages, shell languages; build languages,..., other (free text)
3 Was a custom language used? Yes+free text / no  
4 How many of the project’s languages did developers write code in? Scale 1-9 Slider with 9 options from “one language” to “all languages”
5 Is MLSD beneficial or detrimental for these aspects Scale 1-5 Requirement translation, architectural design, first implementation,
  of software development?   changeability, understandability, build management, CPU performance,
    memory requirements, developer effort, developer motivation (Scale:
    5 options each from “very detrimental” to “very beneficial”)
6 Were there/will there be more/less languages in the past/future? Scale 1-3 Past / future with three options each: fewer, same, or more languages
Section 2: Cross-Language Links (XLL)
7 Which links between GPLs and DSLs were used in your project? Yes+free text / no Free text
8 Which links between GPLs and GPLs were used in your project? Yes+free text / no Free text
9 Which links between DSLs and DSLs were used in your project? Yes+free text / no Free text
10 Which problems with cross-language links were encountered? Multiple choice Bugs due to changes; configuration issues; change avoidance; build
    complexity; understandability/communication issues; harder to write
    unit tests; other (free text)
11 When did problems occur, and how frequently? Scale 1-5 First implementation; changes due to new requirements; changes due
    to refactorings; unit testing; test phases (by dedicated personnel);
    user testing; after release (Scale: 5 options each from “did not occur”
    via “from time to time” to “all the time”)
12 Which measures were taken to prevent cross-language linking problems? Multiple choice Avoided MLSD; avoided XLL; avoided changes in XLL; special care
    when changing XLL; dedicated tools, dedicated tests; other (free text)
Section 3: Tool Support
13 Which cross-language tool functions were available? Multiple choice Highlighting; error marking; navigation; refactoring; other (free text)
14 How important are these tool support functions? Scale 1-5 Highlighting; error marking; navigation; refactoring; other (free text)
    (Scale: 5 options from “very unimportant” to “very important”)
Section 4: Metadata and Demographic Questions
15 How many years have you worked in professional software development? Free text  
16 Which responsibilities did you have in your last project? Single choice Developer, tester, operations,..., other (free text)
17 How many software developers worked in your last project? Free text  
18 How long was the development phase of your last project? (in months) Free text  
19 Which software category does your last project fit? Multiple choice Client/Server, web applications, server only,..., other (free text)
20 Do you have any additional comments? Free text