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Table 5 Quality checklist data (Kitchenham, 2004)

From: Game development software engineering process life cycle: a systematic review

Quality Checklist
Are the aims clearly stated? Yes/No
Was the study design appropriate with respect to its research aim? Yes/No/Partial
Are statistical methods justified by the authors? Yes/No
Are negative findings presented? Yes/No/Partial
Are all research question answered? Yes/No
Are the data collection methods adequately described? Yes/No
Empirical Analysis
Was population size reported? Yes/No
Did the authors justify the sample size? Yes/No
Is the sample representative of the population to which the results will be generalized? Yes/No
Theoretical Analysis
Does the author report personal observations? Yes/No
Is there a link between data, interpretation, and conclusions? Yes/No
Does the study cover all literature up to that point in time? Yes/No
Is the focus of study reported? Yes/No
Case Study
Is the case study context defined? Yes/No
Is the case study based on theory and linked to existing literature? Yes/No
Is clear evidence established from observations to conclusions? Yes/No/Partial