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Table 25 Results of hypothesis testing

From: A systematic process for obtaining the behavior of context-sensitive systems

Hypothesis test Result Conclusion
H01 and H11 T-Test (p-value = 0.7715) H01 not rejected
H01 and H12 T-Test (p-value = 0.2285) H01 not rejected
H02 and H13 Wilcox Test (p-value = 0.5242) H02 not rejected
H02 and H14 Wilcox Test (p-value = 0.5242) H02 not rejected
H03 and H15 Wilcox Test (p-value = 0.6192) H03 not rejected
H03 and H16 Wilcox Test (p-value = 0.4278) H03 not rejected
H04 and H17 T-Test (p-value = 0.03908) H04 rejected
H04 and H18 T-Test (p-value = 0.9609) H04 not rejected
H05 and H19 T-Test (p-value = 0.4707) H05 not rejected
H05 and H110 T-Test (p-value = 0.5293) H05 not rejected
H06 and H111 T-Test (p-value = 0.9908) H06 not rejected
H06 and H112 T-Test (p-value = 0.009234) H06 rejected
H07 and H113 T-Test (p-value = 0.9832) H07 not rejected
H07 and H114 T-Test (p-value = 0.01684) H07 rejected
H08 and H115 T-Test (p-value = 0.9797) H08 not rejected
H08 and H116 T-Test (p-value = 0.02029) H08 rejected
H09 and H117 Wilcox Test (p-value = 0.187) H09 not rejected
H09 and H118 Wilcox Test (p-value = 0.8667) H09 not rejected
H010 and H119 Wilcox Test (p-value = 0.187) H010 not rejected
H010 and H120 Wilcox Test (p-value = 0.3356) H010 not rejected
H011 and H121 T-Test (p-value = 0.187) H011 not rejected
H011 and H122 T-Test (p-value = 0.6644) H011 not rejected
H012 and H123 T-Test (p-value = 0.03484) H012 rejected
H012 and H124 T-Test (p-value = 0.9652) H012 not rejected
H013 and H125 T-Test (p-value = 0.9906) H012 not rejected
H013 and H126 T-Test (p-value = 0.009419) H012 rejected
H014 qualitative measurement H014 rejected