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Table 24 Null and alternative hypothesis

From: A systematic process for obtaining the behavior of context-sensitive systems

Null hypothesis Alternative hypothesis Alternative hypothesis
H01: TimeCon=TimeExp H11: TimeCon >TimeExp H12: TimeCon <TimeExp
H02: ErrorsCon=ErrorsExp H13: ErrorsCon >ErrorsExp H14: ErrorsCon <ErrorsExp
H03: WarnCon=WarnExp H15: WarnCon >WarnExp H16: WarnCon <WarnExp
H04: TransCon=TransExp H17: TransCon >TransExp H18: TransCon <TransExp
H05: StatesCon=StatesExp H19: StatesCon >StatesExp H110: StatesCon <StatesExp
H06: SuperSCon=SuperSExp H111: SuperSCon >SuperSExp H112: SuperSCon <SuperSExp
H07: OrthogSCon=OrthogSExp H113: OrthogSCon >OrthogSExp H114: OrthogSCon <OrthogSExp
H08: IdleSCon=IdleSExp H115: IdleSCon >IdleSExp H116: IdleSCon <IdleSExp
H09: FinalSCon=FinalSExp H117: FinalSCon >FinalSExp H118: FinalSCon <FinalSExp
H010: ChoiceCon=ChoiceExp H119: ChoiceCon >ChoiceExp H120: ChoiceCon <ChoiceExp
H011: VarCon=VarExp H121: VarCon >VarExp H122: VarCon <VarExp
H012: ActCon=ActExp H123: ActCon >ActExp H124: ActCon <ActExp
H013: BehaCon=BehaExp H125: BehaCon >BehaExp H126: BehaCon <BehaExp
H014: The GO2S is not easy to understand. H127: The GO2S is not easy to understand.