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Table 7 The final stratification proposed

From: Investigating probabilistic sampling approaches for large-scale surveys in software engineering

Stratum Name Groups
E1 Agility Agile and Lean Software
Scrum Practitioners
Agile Project Management Group
Lean Agile Software Development Community
Scrum Practitioners, Scrum Masters
E2 Project Management The Agile Project Management Hub
E3 Agile Practices 1 Agile Testing
eXtreme Programming (XP)
E4 Agile Practices 2 Software Refactoring
Test Driven Developers
E5 Software Testing 1 Test automation
Bug Free : Discussions in Software Testing
E6 Software Testing 2 Software Engineers in Test
E7 Conf. Management Configuration and Release Management
Configuration management
SCM (Software Configuration Management) Professional Network
E8 Software Architecture Software Architect Network