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Table 1 Aggregate functions for a given quality attribute a and configuration \(\mathbb {C}=\left \langle S,D\right \rangle \)

From: An approach based on feature models and quality criteria for adapting component-based systems

Function Formulation Quality Attribute Examples
Addition \(M_{a}^{+}(\mathbb {C})=\sum _{f\in S}a_{S}(f)+\sum _{f\in D}a_{D}(f)\) required memory, reconfiguration andresponse time (sequential execution),
Product \(M_{a}^{\times }(\mathbb {C})=\prod _{f\in S}a_{S}(f)\times \prod _{f\in D}a_{D}(f)\) accuracy, availability
Maximum \({M_{a}^{M}}(\mathbb {C})=\max (\max _{f\in S}(a_{S}(f)),\max _{f\in D}(a_{D}(f)))\) reconfiguration and response time (parallelexecution)
Minimum \({M_{a}^{m}}(\mathbb {C})=\min (\min _{f\in S}(a_{S}(f)),\min _{f\in D}(a_{D}(f)))\) security, usability (using a metric scale forqualifier tags)