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Table 4 Included papers

From: Templates for textual use cases of software product lines: results from a systematic mapping study and a controlled experiment

Reference Publication Fora Year
Bertolino and Gnesi (2003) European Software Engineering Conference 2003
Kamsties et al. (2003) International Workshop on Software Product-Family Engineering 2003
Gomaa (2004) Book 2004
Bragança and Machado (2005) International Workshop on Model-BAsed Methodologies for PErvasive and Embedded Software 2005
Eriksson et al. (2005) International Conference on Software Product Lines 2005
Gallina and Guelfi (2007) International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality 2007
Choi et al. (2008) International Conference on Computer and Information Technology 2008
Anthonysamy and Somé (2008) AOSD Workshop on Early Aspects 2008
Nguyen (2009) International Workshop on Modeling in Software Engineering 2009
Jirapanthong (2009) International Conference on Advances in Information Technology 2009
Bonifacio and Borba (2009) International Conference on Aspect-oriented Software Development 2009
Oliveira et al. (2013) Brazilian Symposium on Software Components, Architectures and Reuse 2013