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Table 2 Voter results given details about variant output space ((Pullum[2001]) - page 310)

From: Designing fault-tolerant SOA based on design diversity

Variant results Voter     
  Exact majority Median Mean Weighted average Consensus Formal majority Dynamic majority Dynamic consensus
All outputs identical and correct C C C PC C C C C
Majority Identical and correct C C PC PC C C C C
Plurality identical and correct NO PC PC PC C NO NO C
Distinct outputs, all correct NO C PC PC NO NO NO NO
Distinct outputs, all incorrect NO I PI PI NO NO NO NO
Plurality identical and wrong NO PI PI PI I NO NO I
Majority identical and wrong I I PI PI I I I I
All outputs identical and wrong I I I I I I I I
Variant result type Any type Ordered space Ordered space Ordered space Any type Floating-point arithmetic Any type Any type
  1. The voter outputs are: ∙C - Correct: The voter outputs a correct result; ∙PC - Probably correct: The voter outputs a result that is probably correct, but may be incorrect; ∙PI - Probably incorrect: The voter outputs a result that is probably incorrect, but may be correct; ∙I - Incorrect: The voter outputs an incorrect result; ∙NO - No output: The voter does not output a result; an exception is raised.