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Table 11 Main results of the evaluation of sequences with LTL checker

From: The problem of conceptualization in god class detection: agreement, strategies and decision drivers

Formula Action (activity) Number of Interpretation
eventually_activity... Activitation of... cases (in 30)  
A Compilation UnitEditor 20 There were 20 cases where the participants read source code to identify god classes
A, B, C, D and E Polimetric,TreeMap,Grid Coupling,Coupling Matrix,Dependency 11 Despite hierarchical views ad coupling views show the same attributes, there were 11 cases where the participants adopted all views of the visualization tool to identity god classes
A and B Hierarchical views andCoupling views 27 There were 27 cases where the participants combine the use, at least, one of the hierarchical views and one of the coupling views to identify god classes
A, B and C Hierarchical viewsand Coupling views andCompilation UnitEditor 17 There were 17 cases where the participants combined reading source code with one of the hierarchical (at least) and one of the coupling views (at least)