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Table 1 Rankings of performance (average F-measure) for the 13 similarity functions

From: Personalized architectural documentation based on stakeholders’ information needs

Ranking for experiment#1 Ranking for experiment #2
Tanimoto (TAN) Cosine (COS)
CosineDistance (COSD) TFIDF-based (TFIDF)
Cosine (COS) CosineDistance (COSD)
DiceSorensen (DICS) DiceSorensen (DICS)
TFIDF-based (TFIDF) Tanimoto (TAN)
Euclidean (EUC) Euclidean (EUC)
Manhattan (MAN) Manhattan (MAN)
Chebyshev (CHE) Jaccard (JAC)
Overlap (OVE) Chebyshev (CHE)
Pearson (PEA) Overlap (OVE)
PearsonDistance (PEAD) PearsonDistance (PEAD)
AverageKullback (KUL) Pearson (PEA)
Jaccard (JAC) AverageKullback (KUL)