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Table 4 Overview and characteristics of selected everis ’ RA projects

From: Towards guidelines for building a business case and gathering evidence of software reference architectures in industry

Id. Domain RA objective Examples of applications RA project type
A Industry Web-based applications to allow vendors updating information about clients in a department store. Application that allows vendors to manage client information. Design
B Banking Multi-platform applications that are fast, satisfy practices of the market and support transaction processing. Application for online banking. There are approximately 300 applications. Design, Evolution
C Banking Multi-platform applications of a bank. To improve the productivity of applications builders and to facilitate the development of applications. Application to integrate some existing applications with the same look and feel. Application to improve the business process of depositing money. There are approximately 10 applications. Design, Evolution
D Insurance Applications that satisfy internal request for proposals. Applications to hire insurance policy (home insurance, life insurance...). Design, Evolution
E Public sector Java web applications, with flexible front-end, integration and batch processes. Application to support billing and technical services. Design, Evolution
F Public sector Web-based applications for the different departments of a public administration. Application to deliver forms and pdfs. There are around 50 applications of different departments of a public administration. Design, Evolution
G Public sector Applications with enhanced reuse and reduced development costs. Application for enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. Design
H Insurance Applications integrated with services of an insurance company. Application to manage health care and payments. Design
I Public sector Applications that include the business processes of a utility organization. Application for urban management reports. Design