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Table 7 Occurrences of critical success factors

From: Improvement of IT service processes: a study of critical success factors

Critical success factors Occurrences Related properties of critical success factors
[Fa01] Processes 23 [P08],[P11],[P18]
[Fa02] Support, commitment, and involvement 22 [P01],[P17]
[Fa03] Internal and external resources 16 [P05],[P07],[P14]
[Fa04] Skills of the people involved in the project 21 [P02]
[Fa05] Structure and culture within the organization 21 [P06], [P20]
[Fa06] Implementation strategy of the improvement project 24 [P03],[P15],[P16], [P19],[P22]
[Fa07] Collaboration, communication, and conciliation of the people involved 12 [P09],[P10],[P12],[P21]
[Fa08] Strategies for the advertisement of the project and the publication of its results 15 [P04],[P13]
Total 154 -