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Table 6 Occurrences of properties of critical success factors

From: Improvement of IT service processes: a study of critical success factors

Properties of critical success factors Occurrences Related findings
[P01] Management support 14 [Fi01],[Fi20]
[P02] Experience and skills of those involved in the project 21 [Fi06],[Fi26]
[P03] Adequate management when running the project 13 [Fi15],[Fi33]
[P04] Project advertisement 9 [Fi05]
[P05] Allocation of resources to the project 9 [Fi07],[Fi29]
[P06] Favorable culture towards the project 14 [Fi10],[Fi22]
[P07] Adequacy of tool support 5 [Fi12],[Fi23]
[P08] Monitoring and control of the processes 7 [Fi18]
[P09] Collaboration and communication within the organization 6 [Fi08],[Fi28]
[P10] Focus on the client 2 [Fi09]
[P11] Process adequacy 13 [Fi16],[Fi24]
[P12] Relationships with providers and consultants 2 [Fi17]
[P13] Dissemination of results 6 [Fi03]
[P14] Existence of an external consultant 2 [Fi11]
[P15] Adequate management of benefits 3 [Fi13]
[P16] Adequate management of changes 1 [Fi14]
[P17] Commitment from the people involved in the project 8 [Fi02],[Fi21]
[P18] Adequate order for the implementation of the processes 3 [Fi04],[Fi25]
[P19] Adequate understanding and scale of the project 5 [Fi27]
[P20] Adequate management of the organization 7 [Fi19],[Fi30]
[P21] Agreement among the people involved 2 [Fi31]
[P22] Adequate framework for process improvement 2 [Fi32]
Total 154 -