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Table 4 Occurrences for some findings with a positive influence

From: Improvement of IT service processes: a study of critical success factors

Findings with a positive influence Cater-Steel et al. (2006) Hochstein et al. (2005) Iden (2009) Pollard and Cater-Steel (2009) Tan et al. (2009)
[Fi06] People with the necessary knowledge are involved in the project Basic training and development of the employees Understanding of the service-oriented processes, implementing training on a large scale, encouraging the development of employees on a large scale Training and specialization Training and awareness of the employees  
[Fi01] Existence of management support Management support to exert pressure over change Management support to exert pressure   Support from high-level management Support from high-level management
[Fi05] Project advertisement Marketing campaigns for acceptance and understanding Exhibition of quick gains to demonstrate service management utility; marketing campaigns for acceptance and understanding    Project Champion: Senior management who defend the project
[Fi02] Commitment from the people involved in the project Engagement of the affected employees Support from employees High level of participation of the team in the change processes   
[Fi10] Favorable culture towards the project Cultural change of the IT team, users, and clients   Acknowledgement of the need to improve the management of the employees Creation of adequate culture for the ITIL Change in the organization’s culture
[Fi16] Existing processes are adequate Reengineering of the business processes   Definition of a standard and flexible methodology for change processes Definition of processes before tools  
[Fi15] Adequate management of the project    Production of deliveries in group meetings; definition of short schedule for the projects   Execution and governance of the project
[Fi18] Adequate monitoring and control of the processes Continuous improvement to guarantee sustainable success Continuous improvement to guarantee sustainable success for the project