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Table 1 Final set of selected papers after performing the third selection step

From: Improvement of IT service processes: a study of critical success factors

Author(s) Year Paper title Name of the conference or journal in which it was published Type of method in which the paper appeared (systematic mapping or snowballing)
Cater-Steel2009 IT Service Departments Struggle to Adopt a Service-Oriented Philosophy International Journal of Information Systems in the Service Sector Snowballing
Cater-Steel and Pollard2008 Conflicting views on ITIL implementation: managed as a project – or business as usual? Information Resources Management Association (IRMA) International Conference Snowballing
Cater-Steell and Tan2005 Implementation of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in Australia: Progress and success factors IT Governance International Conference Snowballing
Cater-Steel et al.2006 Transforming IT service management- The ITIL impact Australasian Conference on Information Systems, ACIS Systematic Mapping
Hochstein and Brenner2006 Implementation of service-oriented IT management: An empirical study on Swiss IT organizations International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management, ICSSSM Systematic Mapping
Hochstein et al.2005 Service-oriented IT management: benefit, cost and success factors European Conference of Information Systems, ECIS Systematic Mapping
Iden2009 Implementing IT service management: lessons learned from a university IT department Information science reference Snowballing
Iden and Langeland2010 Setting the stage for a successful ITIL adoption: A Delphi Study of IT Experts in the Norwegian armed forces Information systems management Systematic mapping
Junior and Andrade2010 Fatores Críticos de Sucesso e Benefícios da Adoção do Modelo ITIL numa Empresa de Telecomunicações VII Simpósio de Excelência em Gestão e Tecnologia Snowballing
Pollard and Cater-Steel2009 Justifications, strategies, and critical success factors in successful ITIL implementations in U.S. and Australian companies: An exploratory study Information Systems Management Systematic mapping
Tan et al.2009 Implementing it service management: A case study focusing on critical success factors Journal of Computer Information Systems Systematic Mapping
Tan et al.2007 Implementing centralised IT service management: Drawing lessons from the public sector Australasian Conference on Information Systems, ACIS Systematic Mapping
Wan and Liang2012 Risk Management of IT Service Management Project Implementation with Killer Assumptions Technology and Investment Snowballing
Wan et al.2008 Empirical analysis on risk factors of IT service management project implementation International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, WiCOM Systematic Mapping