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Table 2 The 15 most cited SBSE works, ordered by Google Scholar

From: A mapping study of the Brazilian SBSE community

Ref. Work SE Area GS
(Barreto et al. 2008) Staffing a Software Project: a Constraint Satisfaction and Optimization-based Approach Management 72
(Bueno and Jino 2002) Automatic Test Data Generation for Program Paths using Genetic Algorithms Testing 49
(Oliveira et al. 2010) GA-based Method for Feature Selection and Parameters Optimization for Machine Learning Regression applied to Software Effort Estimation Management 47
(Bueno and Jino 2000) Identification of Potentially Infeasible Program Paths by Monitoring the Search for Test Data Testing 39
(Costa et al. 2005) Modeling Software Reliability Growth with Genetic Programming Testing 36
(Harman et al. 2012a) Search Based Software Engineering: Techniques, Taxonomy, Tutorial Survey 32
(Braz and Vergilio 2004) Using Fuzzy Theory for Effort Estimation of Object-Oriented Software Management 28
(Costa et al. 2007) Exploring Genetic Programming and Boosting Techniques to Model Software Testing 26
(Braga et al. 2008) A GA-Based Feature Selection and Parameters Optimization for Support Vector Regression Applied to Software Effort Estimation Management 24
(Costa et al. 2010) A Genetic Programming Approach for Software Reliability Modeling Other Subjects 20
(de Carvalho et al. 2010) A Symbolic Fault-Prediction Model Based on Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization Testing 20
(Emer and Vergilio 2003) Selection and Evaluation of Test Data Based on Genetic Programming Testing 18
(Souza et al. 2010) The Human Competitiveness of Search Based Software Engineering Other Subjects 18
(Bueno et al. 2007) Improving Random Test Sets using the Diversity Oriented Test Data Generation Testing 16
(Freitas and Souza 2011) Ten Years of Search Based Software Engineering: A Bibliometric Analysis Survey 16