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Table 1 Evolution of Synapsis Brazil processes to high maturity

From: Applying statistical process control in small sized evolutionary projects: results and lessons learned in the implementation of CMMI-DEV maturity level 5 in Synapsis Brazil

Baseline number Publication date Project name Process improvement objective Results achieved CMMI level
14 - 19 May to December 2011 Input Carga de Vendas To assess implemented improvements and identify new process and templates improvement opportunities focused on the adequacy to changes in strategic objectives. Process and templates improved. 3
Input Outros Lançamentos Caixa
Input Projeto de Investimento
Exportação de Investimento
Input Carga de Depreciação
Input faturamento entre Empresas
Input Cálculos de Pessoal
Input Dados de Pessoal
Manter Parametrização de DRE
Fluxo de Caixa
20 – 24 January to July 2012 POAB_Fase_2_Incremento_1 To pilot incremental improvements (process and templates) and innovations (adaptation to small sized projects, code inspection, peer review of technical specification). Quality and productivity improvement tendency. Process and templates adjusted to new objectives. 3 - > 4
25 - 26 October 2012 SCEBR-1754 To analyze subprocesses performance aiming to achieve subprocesses stabilization. Quality and productivity improvement. Process and templates adjusted to new objectives. 4 - > 5
27 (Actual) December 2012 SCEBR_1621 To verify quality and productivity improvement. Process analysis confirmed significant quality and productivity improvement were achieved in the projects. 5
   SCEBR_6811 To pilot innovative improvement (peer programming and test coverage analysis).