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Table 8 Base application details

From: Model-based reuse for crosscutting frameworks: assessing reuse and maintenance effort

Constant definition
Application database name “airlinedb”
Database management system name “derby”
Database connection driver name “org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver”
Database connection protocol “jdbc:derby:”
Joinpoint definition (method execution)
Joinpoints Method execution
Connection opening joinpoints Class Method
  Airplane Landing
Airport Opening
Luggage Dispatch
Checkin Confirm
Passenger Onboard
Flight Depart
Connection closing joinpoints Class Method
  Airplane Takeoff
Airport Closing
Luggage Retrieve
Checkin Cancel
Passenger Unboard
Flight Arrive
Type extensions
Classes that represent persistent objects Class
  1. Details of a base application that needs to be coupled to the crosscuting framework.